• We’re Married!

    Date: 2011.06.13 | Category: Uncategorized | Response: 0

    The wedding is over, thanks everyone for coming!

    We want to see all your photos and videos of our big day!

    Please upload any pics you took here:


    Use Code: MPCEAA and follow the instructions on the page to upload.

    We hope everyone had as great a time as we did!

  • We’re Getting Married!

    Date: 2010.02.02 | Category: Uncategorized | Response: 0

    June 11, 2011 in Muskegon, MI

    Save the Dates have been sent, invitations are out, RSVPs are due soon, welcome guests!

    We’ve included a lot of information in the links on the right side of this page.  If you just want to learn a little more about us or the place we’ll be getting married, there’s some additional information in the links as well.  There is more information on the ceremony and reception, as well as a Map to help you get around town on “Our Wedding” Page.

    If you have any questions, you can reach Beth by  sending an email to bethtoons at gmail dot com (with the @ in place of ‘at’ and a . in place of ‘dot’) and we will try to answer your questions as quickly as we can.   We are also both active on Facebook and will answer any questions sent to us there.

    Thanks and we look forward to seeing you all in June!